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View and Search Events and see how their recorded divisions have evolved.


See results for competitions in years past. View not only where a competitor placed, but who they danced against and potentially who they partnered with!


We'll use our proprietary algorithm to approximate a competitors skill based on previous competitions results. See how competitors stack up against eachother!

What is this skill rating thing?

A "skill rating/ranking" for a dancer is calculated by evaluating available data about their prior competitive performances. We not only look at how dancer placed in the past, but who they were actually competing against. Placing above a more highly ranked dancer will improve a dancers score more dramatically than placing above a dancer with a lower skill ranking. Note that this says nothing of how good a dancer they actually are, it just reflects the outcome of a recorded contest.

You could view a dancers score as a probility of placement. Note that scores are calculated with data available to us. Many times we have no data about what dancers were in a given division, so this cannot be factored into the rating. As such, if you were to read rating as a probability of placement, it would be probability of placement GIVEN that the contestant makes a final.

All competitors start with a zero rating. Entering one contest will probably move your rating to somewhere between 4 and 20. If the system doesn't have much data on a competitor it will generally result in a lower confidence in it's ability to accurately score the competitor and hence a lower score.