Percentiles…at last

There have been some small updates and tweaks over the past few months, but nothing that really warranted a post.  This weekend however, percentiles were added to each individual dancers page. Many users have commented things along the lines of “my rating doesn’t mean much to me since it’s an arbitrary number. Is there a way to turn my rating into a score from 0-100 or a letter grade or something like that?”  So now when you view a dancers summary, a percentile will load as well.  You will be able to select using dropdowns to view a percentile within a given division or a particular year as well.

Deep Linking

We’ve enabled deep linking functionality in the events view and the ranking so you can execute a search for a set of events, or narrow down a ranking view and then link it to a friend!
For example if you wanted to show all past events in Dallas, you could share this link:

Want to show a friend how the rankings for the Professional division looked in 1999? Those links are now shareable too!